Niente di meglio da fare

Gli utenti del web si dividono in due grandi categorie: quelli che vogliono comunicare e quelli che vogliono disturbare.

Poi ci sono quelli come noi che disturbano comunicando.

Stasera, alle 22, tutti A letto con Dania.

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  1. Avevo sempre pensato che io facessi parte di una categoria di disturbat(or)i, ora ne ho le prove

  2. leggo il blog da molto tempo e difficilmente scrivo se non mi pare il caso. Trovò però che ognuno sia libero di dire ciò che gli và anche solo inserendo la lettera A. Io leggo ciò che scrive Daria, dei commenti sotto poco mi importa. Non vedo perché diate tutta questa importanza ai disturbatori. Chi se ne frega.
    C’è gente inteligente e gente no.
    Tutti votano PD, anzi tutti votano Lega Nord.

    Fateve na risata, anche tu Dania, non ti arrabbià.

  3. Il MILF è stà roba quaààà ??

    “A milf (also m.i.l.f., m i l f, MILF) is an acronym which essentially stands for “Mother I’d Like (to) Fornicate (with)” (the real term replaces the four-letter “F” word for ‘fornicate with.’)
    Answer: The ‘milf’ term describes an extremely attractive older woman in her 30s, 40s or even 50s who is the mother of a friend, girlfriend, or other acquaintance. The milf is so sexy that a young male would risk his relationship with a friend or girlfriend to have sex with the mother.

    The ‘milf’ fantasy combines the sexual knowledge of the experienced older woman with the danger of doing something forbidden. For some males, the turn-on involves the idea of sex with someone who’s acted like a mother to them (“this woman used to make me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.”) Others desire to penetrate the ‘place’ that the friend came from. And for some, the fantasy serves as a power play as it enacts the age-old insult, “I did your mother.”

    Initially made popular by the raunchy 1999 teen comedy film American Pie, the milf concept became more widespread thanks to pop cultural references such as the 2003 song “Stacey’s Mom” by the band Fountains of Wayne.

    The rise of the milf roughly parallels the rise of the cougar, another older and sexually voracious female figure who pursues younger males.

    While some women dislike the milf term, others regard the label as proof of their sexual attractiveness to those young enough to be their children.

    For many women closing in on menopause, being seen as a milf suggests a certain physical power over men; this perception confers a sense of prolonged youth, as aging women who lost their fertility have traditionally been regarded as crones, wise perhaps but with no sexual worth. A whole category of pornography has evolved around the milf concept, with many older women evidently enjoying the exposure. “

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